What are your hours of operation?

Our normal hours are Monday through Friday, 8 am to 5pm. Holidays may affect our normal hours of operation.

What is the shipping fee?

  • Orders over $40.00 receive free standard ground shipping.
  • Orders under $40.00 incur a flat shipping rate of $9.00.
  • Orders shipping to Alaska and Hawaii will incur $35.00 flat rate shipping.
  • Orders shipping to Canada are subject to minimum orders of $100.00, will incur $35.00 flat rate shipping, and 13% duties and fees.

What is PayPal and do I need an account?

  • Paypal is an electronic commerce (e-commerce) company that facilitates payments between parties through online funds transfers. PayPal uses data encryption and anti-fraud technology to keep your information secure, reducing the risk of online fraud.
  • No, PayPal does not require you do have an account to checkout. You may click pay with debit or credit card.

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Are your tools falling off the countertop?

The “Ultimate Rack” is an innovative tool designed to display and protect professional equipment. By using our racks you will prevent accidental falls onto the floor as well as placing your tools in a ready to use position. As a professional, you invest in your tools. Purchasing our racks will be an investment of a lifetime.  Protecting your tools will save you money!

Do your clipper cords need replaced often?

If your clippers are hanging upside down this may cause the connection between the clipper and the electric cord to bend or curve in a 180° angle.  This method causes extreme stress on the cord resulting in malfunctioning or electrical shortage before the life expectancy of the cord. The “Ultimate Rack” is designed to assist in prolonging the life of your cord by positioning the clipper in an upright position.

Do your racks come in different sizes and colors?

The “Ultimate Rack” is available in three sizes listed below-

The 3 unit holder holds three appliances with a 7″ length.
The 4 unit holder holds four appliances with a 10.5″ length.
The 6 unit holder holds six appliances with a 17″ length.

Our racks are only available in black.
Made in USA

How do I keep my appliances sanitary?

The “Ultimate Rack” is an essential tool designed to assist with the practical application of sanitary procedures.  For example, after cleaning your clippers, placing them in drawers or on towels exposes your blades to bacteria and other germs.  By using our racks you will keep you appliances in a sanitary, upright position.

How do I mount my rack?

The “Ultimate Rack” can be mounted to a large variety of countertops and/or fixtures with flat surfaces, barber stations, beautician’s booths, hair roller carts, etc.  The “Ultimate Rack” can be mounted by using an industrial strength velcro and/or screws (both included). Therefore, presenting your tools professionally in a ready-to-use position.

Product Description

The “Ultimate Rack” by BarberMate is perfect for Barbers, Cosmetologists, and Stylists who desire a sleek and sophisticated atmosphere in and around their work area. The “Ultimate Rack” by BarberMate can be mounted to a large variety of countertops and/or fixtures, such as: barber stations, beauticians’ booths, hair roller carts, furniture, plastic bins, etc. As long as there is a flat surface – mount on wood, granite, glass, marble, ceramic or metal. Attach with industrial strength Velcro to make it removable and preserve expensive countertops or screw mount to desired surface. The “Ultimate Rack” is adjustable to hold a variety of sizes for professional tools. The choice is yours which professional tools to place in The “Ultimate Rack” by BarberMate – hair clippers, curling irons, flat irons or blow dryers keeping your tools from compromising positions.

Dimension Lengths
3 Unit Holder: 7″
4 Unit Holder: 10.5″
6 Unit Holder: 17″
Color Available in Black Only.
Velcro and Screws Included.
Appliances in photos not included.

Privacy Policy

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Instruction Manual

Download Instruction Manual Here: BarberMate_Manual_2018


Download Warranty Here: BarberMate_Warranty_2018